Ludmila in rehearsal with L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal



Ludmila with Conductor Daniel Barenboim




Ludmila with Rolf Bertsch, Conductor L’Orchestre

Symphonique de Montreal, Canada


Performing in concert with Tennessee Symphony Orchestra, USA




Following concert - Ludmila with Conductor

Lewis Dalvit    USA






 In concert with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Ankara, Turkey.


Performing in concert with Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra 

conducted by Josef Hercl, Czech Republic


Ludmila with Francois Boulanger, Conductor from

L’Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine from Paris, France.



Performing in concert - Russia


Performing in concert, Tirana,  Albania. 2003



Following concert - Ludmila with Conductor Michael NewhamCanada.


Ludmila with Radomir Eliska, Conductor of the Prague

Symphony Orchestra, Czech Republic








Following the concert, Ludmila with the  members of the

N.B. Symphony Orchestra – Canada



Ludmila with conductor Algi Lepuri, Tirana,  Albania. 2003



Taking a break during the recording of the original Piano

Concerto “Tabula Rasa” with Pilsen Philharmonic

Orchestra, Czech Republic. Conductor Frantisek Drs.




Ludmila’s appearance on Breakfast Television, Canada.


Concert in Lille