Ludmila’s extensive international professional career has brought her to all corners of the world.

Beyond her busy performance schedule, she has always expressed a great interest in learning

as much as possible about each place she visits. Her personable nature, intense curiosity

and thirst for knowledge have brought her a wealth of understanding and appreciation

for other cultures, languages, customs and histories.



Ludmila in Ephesus, Turkey



Ludmila in Zagorsk, Russia


Ludmila in Brugge, Belgium



Ludmila in Venice, Italy


Ludmila in Izmir, Turkey



Ludmila at the Bulgarian Folk Festival


Ludmila in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Ludmila at the Buthrotum, Albania



Ludmila in front of the Bartok monument in Brussels, Belgium



Ludmila in front of the Mozart monument in Vienna, Austria


Ludmila in Budapest, Hungary



Ludmila mingling with some of Australia’s resident wildlife


Ludmila in Moscow, Russia


Ludmila, the equestrian, in Chufut Kale, Ukraine



Ludmila in Greece



Ludmila enjoying the historic sites in Ankara, Turkey