2002  Double Concerto “Tabula Rasa”.


Double Concerto  for Symphony Orchestra, Piano and Choral Ensemble or Soloist . CBC Television documentation of the double

concerto,  entitled  "Tabula Rasa ", at the gala concert featuring Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey  and the WKO Symphony Orchestra

from Vienna, Austria  on June 9, 2002 (Canada).


Had a 90-minute documentary produced by Dreamsmith Entertainement in collaboration with the Public Broadcasters, revealing the music of Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey. "Flying on the Moon -The Ludmila Story" was aired nationwide on the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation's Opening Night series on January 16th, 2003. Many appearances on CBC TV, Bravo, French Television (2003-2008).


2005  Bucolic Romance”


for symphony Orchestra and Piano. Performed  in Canada.


1996  Two nocturnes for piano and orchestra.


1979  Concertino for piano and orchestra.


Performed in the Czech Republic and  Germany.


1988  Fantasie for piano and orchestra.