2007  Hippocratic Suite”.


Premiered in Canada.


2007  Angels and Demons” Grande Valse brillante.


Premiered in Canada.


1998  Pavane Pathetique”.


Performed at the two  recitals at the East Coast   Music Awards,  February 2001, broadcast live by CBC Radio.

Performed in recital in Barachois, Canada. This recital was taped by Radio Canada, July 2001, for later broadcast.

Recorded in the Czech Republic on CD.


2004 “Les Cadences  de la Mer”, Étude  Symphonique.


Was a ‘set-piece’ requirement at the LKH International Piano Competition, Canada.


1999 "Moods of Mustique”.


Composed and premiered in Mustique in 1999.  Performed in Izmir, Ankara, Turkey, 2001.

Performed many  times in Canada and in the Czech Republic. Recorded on the CD.  Commissioned by Mustique Company.


2006 “Reflections from the Heart” / ‘Échos du Coeur”.


Performed in recital in Bathurst and Fredericton, Canada.


1987 “Annees de pelerinage” (Years of Pilgrimage).


Performed  in USA in 1987, 1989, 2001. Recorded in concert on two occasions in Mexico (April 2002).

Radio appearance in Mexico.


2006  Album for Children”.


Commissioned by Czech Teacher’s Association.




Numerous piano works: sonatas, ballads, fantasy, scherzos, mazurkas, nocturnes, waltzes, variations, etc.  Commissioned  and recorded by Czech  National Radio in 1993-2000, commissioned by Ukranian Television Network (2003)  and also commissioned by private individuals. (1980-2008).