2008  Compositions For Symphony Orchestra:



Lucian Freud (British, b.1922). Hotel bedroom, 1954


Cornelius Krieghoff (Canadian,1815-1872). Merrymaking, 1860.


Claude Joseph Vernet ( French, 1714-1789).

A Grand View of the Sea Shore in the Mediterranean, Enriched with Buildings, Shipping and Figures, 1776


Jean-Paul Riopelle (Canadian, b. 1923). Canadian Ballet, 1958.




2008  Lord Beaverbrook Concerto for Piano and Symphony Orchestra.



Graham Vivian Sutherland ( British, 1903-1980)

Portrait of Lord Beaverbrook, 1951.




2008  Concerto for Piano, Violin and String Quartet



Joseph Mallord William Turner ( British , 1775-1851).

The Fountain of Indolence, 1834.




2008  Compositions for Piano.



William Newenham Montague Orpen (British, 1878-1931).Monna Dunn, c.1915


Walter Richard Sickert (British,1860-1942). Sunday Afternoon, c.1912-1913


Thomas Gainsborough ( British, 1727-1788).Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Nugent, 1764


Alfred Sisley ( British, 1839-1899). La falaise de Penarth, le soir-temps orageux, 1897


John Singer Sargent (American, 1856-1925). San Vigilio, Lake Garda, 1913