Solo Repertoire

Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey's Solo repertoire:


Arensky          10 Pieces for the Piano


Bach                Well Tempered Clavier

                        (25 preludes and fugues)

                        Italian Concerto

                        Toccata in D minor, E minor, D major

                        3 French Suites

                        2 English Suites


Bach-Liszt      Organ Preludium Fugue in A minor,

                        C minor, C major


Balakirey        Islam


Beethoven      Piano Sonatas Numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,


                        Variations in F major, Op. 34

                        Rondo, Op. 51, No. 1

                        Seven Bagatelles, Op. 33

                        Fantasie, Op. 77

                        Polonaise, Op. 89

                        Bagatelle, Op. 126

                        Rondo-capriccio, Op. 128

                        12 Variations on Russian Themes

                        32 Variations in C minor

                        Two Preludes, Op. 39

                        Rondo, Op. 51, No. 1,2

                        Polonaise, Op. 89

                        12 Variations on the Russian Theme


Borodin            Little Suite in the Cloister

                         Petite suite dans le Cloitres


Brahms            Rhapsodie in B minor, G minor, Op. 79

                         Sonata in F minor, Op. 5

                         Sonata in C major, Op. 1

                         Variations on a Theme by Schumann

                         Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 35

                         Intermezzo, Op. 76, Op. 116

                         Balladen, Op. 10

                         Variations and Fugue, Op.24

                         Capriccio, Op. 116


Busoni              3 Pieces for Piano


Borodin            Little Suite in the Cloister

                         Petite suite dans le Cloitres


Chopin             24 Etudes

                         24 Preludes

                         Ballades, Nos. 1,2,4

                         Fantasie, Op. 49

                         Scherzo, Nos. 1,3

                         Impromptus : No. 1, Op. 29, No. 4, Op. 66

                         Waltzes (selections)

                         Mazurkas (selections)

                         Sonatas: B flat minor, B monor

                         Polonaise (selections)


Cui                   At Argenteau


Debussy          Preludium, Saraband and Toccata

                        Tableau 1 – Etudes

                         L’Ile joyeuse

                        12 Preludes


                         Children’s  Corner



                         Hommage a Haydn


Faure                 Nocturne, Op. 33

                           Impromptus : Op. 34, Op. 25

                           Barcarolle, Op. 44, Op. 26

                           Romance, Op. 17


Franck               Prelude, Choral and Fugue


Gershwin           Preludes for Piano


Glazonov           Studies



Glinka                Variations on the Theme by Mozart

                           Variations on the Russian Theme


                           Variations on the Kerubim

                           Variations on the Operas

                           Variations on the Scottish Theme


Grieg                 Sonata in E minor, Op. 7


Haydn               Sonatas: D minor, F major, B minor

                          C major, B flat major, A flat major


Janacek            Sonata1-X-1905

                          In the Mist


Liadov              Variations on the Polish Theme


Listz                  10 Etudes

                          Spanish Rhapsody

                          Sonata in B minor

                          Fantasie on Verdi’s Rigoletto


                          Hungarian Rhapsodies: Nos: 2,12,17,19,

                          Petrarchan Sonnets: Nos: 47,104,123

                          Dante Sonata

                          Nocturne: Nos. 1,2,3,

                          Paganini Study

                          Venice and Napoli

                          Piano Transcriptions from Wagner’s Operas


Ljapunov         Etudes, Op. 11


Mozart             Sonatas: D major, F major, B minor,

                         E major, B flat major, A flat major



Mendelssohn Variations in D minor, Op. 5

                       Song Without Words

                       Scherzo from Midsummer’s Night Dream

                       Variations, Op. 87

                       Rondo Capriccio, Op. 14

                       Fantasie, Op. 28

                       Preludium, Op. No. 4


Metner          Sonata, Op. 22

                      Sonata, Op. 30


Musorgsky    Pictures from an Exhibition

                       Children’s Scherzo


                       The Seamstress



                       In the Country

                       Gopak of Jelly Lads from the Opera

                       The Fair of Sorochintsy


Padarevsky   10 Pieces for the Piano


Palenicek      D’un Cahier d’esquisses


Prokofiev        Sonatas: 1,2,3,7

                         Toccata, Op. 11

                         Perishing Sights


                         Four Studies, Op. 2

                         Four Pieces, Op. 4

                         Four Pieces, Op. 32

                         Two Sonatines, Op. 54

                         Thoughts, Op. 62

                         Children’s Music, Op. 65

                         10 Pieces, Op. 12

                         Sarcasms, Op. 17

                         Fleeting Visions, Op. 32

                         Old Granny’s Tales, Op. 31

                         Sonata, Op. 38


Rachmaninoff       Preludes (selections)

                               Sonata No. 2, Op. 36

                               Etudes Tableau (selections)

                               Moment Nusical, Op. 16

                               Variations of a Theme from Chopin



Ravel                   Les Valses nobles et sentimentales

                             Gaspard de la nuit



Rimsky-              Waltz


Korsakov            Romance




                             Six Variations, Op. 10


Saint-Saens         Toccata

                             Allegro Appassionato, Op. 70

                             Suite, Op. 90

                             Etudes, Op. 52


Scarlatti              20 Sonatas


Schubert             4 Impromptus, Op. 90

                            3 Sonatas



Schultz-Evler     Arabesque on the Beautiful Blue

                            Danube Waltz by Strauss


Schumann          Symphonic Study

                            Sonata G minor, Op.22

                            Abegg Variations

                            Fantasiestuke, Op. 12



                            Scenes from Childhood

Scriabin             Etudes (selections)

                            Preludes (selections)

                            Sonatas Nos. 2,4,5,9,3

                            Poems (selections)

                            Mazurkas (selections)


Shostakovich     15 Preludes and Fugues


Smetana             Consolation


                            Cheerful Scene

                            Polka in F major

                            Etude – At the Sea Shore

                            Czech Dances (selections)


Stravinsky         Four Studies, Op. 7 


Tchaikovsky      Scherzo

                            Variations in F major





                            Concert Polonaise   


Weber                Sonatas Nos. 1,3

                           Rondo Brillant, Op. 62

                           Invitation to the Dance, Op. 65

                           Polonaise Brillant, Op. 72

                           Variations, Op. 40